This project uses images, type, sound, and motion to create dynamic, interactive environments.

Methods of visual communication are changing. To push the boundaries of graphic design, I considered the many ways people can interact with visual information. My project invites the audience into a multidimensional space. I used Leap motion, a popular and simple sensor, to allow people to see, listen, and play with graphic design.

Out of Print contains three parts: an interactive poster installation, still frames from the interactive process, and a instructional video trailer that documents the entire project. These three parts tell a similar story across different media, building a connection between traditional graphic design practice and interaction design.
The development of science and technology has brought more possibilities to the design field. Science and technology have always helped graphic designers to explore and develop different ways of communicating with the audience. At the beginning of the development of modern graphic design, designers were accustomed to working with still images and type on paper. They could not have imagined that one day designers would work with interactive visual media in three dimensions.

Before I came to the United States, I studied graphic design for eight years in China. I studied visual communication during my undergraduate years. I obtained a master's degree in graphic design. Then I worked for three years as a professional designer. Over the years of studying and working, I have developed a keen interest in the digital direction of graphic design. I want to develop my own unique design methodology, which was one of the reasons I came to the United States.

I do not want to limit myself to the conventional methods and visual language in the field of graphic design. I want to study many different areas. With an interdisciplinary imagination, designers can bring many perspectives to their projects. "A different perspective isn't always better," wrote John Maeda (born 1966), a Japanese-American graphic designer, computer scientist, academic, and author, "but working with many different perspectives is *always* better, and harder." This design approach takes time and energy. However, if you work this way, every project has the potential to bring with it a breakthrough. I want to participate in a process of creation that will be full of surprises.
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