HASHEM: (Singing in non-English language). Capturing Soledar - that would allow Russia to potentially envelop Bakhmut. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. So starting as early as next week, about a hundred Ukrainian troops will come to a military base in Oklahoma to get trained on the Patriot missile defense system. And it's not lost on me that for the most part, when things got really hard in a lot of places that I worked, I could leave if I needed to, and a lot of people couldn't. [1] In July 2012, Fadel was hired by NPR as Cairo bureau chief and covered the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Previously, Leila worked as NPRs international correspondent based in Cairo. When you're going through it together and you're able to laugh at even the darkest moments, that's what got me through it and got all of us through it. But it doesn't mean it's a Russian turning point. You've got the pronunciation of Leila Fadel right. Rather, it's a political one, a message that Putin and the Wagner group can bring back to the Russian people.". And we're walking through these alleyways trying to get to the train and find our way home and there was a wedding going on in the alley, because somebody was getting married that day. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton says: off-EH-bee-ah. For the ground fight, there are more weapons heading to Ukraine, among them armored vehicles from Germany, France and the U.S. And there's hope that this wave of weapons from Europe will keep growing, perhaps more from the U.K., others, like tanks, fighter jets and longer-range missiles. She is also known for her coverage of the Arab Spring. Stability, pursuit of happiness, being able to be safe and feed your family and find some joy in life. There she covered the wave of revolts in the Middle East and their aftermaths in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. A three-day nurses strike at two major New York City hospitals is over. Fadel began her media career as a criminal and higher education reporter at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in 2004. Leila Fadel Leila Fadel Published January 17, 2023 at 4:09 AM CST Listen 10:34 An update from Dnipro, Ukraine, where a Russian missile strike killed dozens. He's been on the job since last November. [3][4][5], In 2010, she joined the Washington Post's Middle East team. I think there are so many things, it's hard for me to say just one thing. Is that why he made this appointment? And those are things that we're now struggling with in the United States when we think about political violence in a different way, after January 6. There, she covered the stories on the rise of extremism, the return of authoritarianism as well as the aftermath of a wave of uprisings in 2011. The answer to that question is something I think we're all still trying to figure out. FADEL: Fran Cartwright of Mount Sinai Hospital. hide caption. Quote, "This is a historic victory for nurses across the country" - that is according to a union statement. I will always remember the "Day of Rage" in Egypt, on Jan. 28, 2011 when police around the country abandoned their posts in the face of mass protests. The mother was fighting to make sure it didn't happen to her younger girls. In Baghdad, I worked in a very wonderful bureau with great colleagues, that became like family, both Iraqi and American. FADEL: Now, Attorney General Merrick Garland came into office pledging to restore public confidence in the Justice Department. I love NPR. And so we used to joke that we were all the weird kid at lunch, you know what I mean? We just all were very different and came from very different cultural backgrounds. Despite living a small town experience, I still had this global experience, exposed to different people's cultures and foods. She was awarded the Lowell Thomas Award from the Overseas Press Club for her coverage of the 2013 coup in Egypt and the toll it took on the country and Egyptian families. I mean, you write every story, or you tell every story, and you hope somebody is listening. Which lesson that you've learned throughout your entire career do you think has been most imperative to your success? And if you're able to experience it in real life, I'm sure it would paint a completely different perspective for you. January 11, 2023 Intense fighting continues in and around the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. Saudi Arabia was an interesting place to grow up, I think of myself as a third culture kid. So what would you go back and tell your younger self? So - well, there is a highway system that runs through Bakhmut, which is helpful for Ukrainian communication, moving troops. Leila is 40 years old. I mean, it puts you into the shoes of the person telling their story, their home, their daily routine. [1] She was a Jack Shaheen Mass Communications scholar and graduated from Northeastern University School of Journalism in 2004. You get to go to these places that maybe people think of as "so different" but like you said, people are people, and they're driven by very similar ideas, right? There is true and untrue. And, a new law could help governments prepare for extreme weather. She is working as a national correspondent for NPR and there is no doubt, therefore, she earns a decent salary. She begins this month as a foreign correspondent in Cairo. I spent a lot of my time in North Africa living in Egypt, traveling to Morocco, Tunisia. Transposing sounds is called "metathesis" in linguistics, and it's pretty common. What are you looking most forward to in the new role? NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by an NPR contractor. Her stories brought us to the heart of a state-ordered massacre of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Cairo in 2013 when police shot into crowds of people to clear them and killed between 1,000 . She's reported on policing and race, on American Muslim communities and on the jarring inequities the coronavirus laid bare in the healthcare system. I do think that as an industry, we have more stories that go deeper, we tell stories with more nuance and sensitivity because we have more and more journalists that are from marginalized groups who have different lived realities involved in conversations about coverage, or in charge of that coverage. You know, these types of stereotypes divorced from the political context and the regular people stuck in the middle weren't talked to, weren't heard. She'd been a war correspondent in Iraq and now was covering an uprising in Egypt. January 17, 2023 An update from Dnipro, Ukraine, where a Russian missile strike killed dozens. And hold Bakhmut has kind of become this rallying cry here in Ukraine. Register Leila Fadel is a national correspondent for NPR based in Los Angeles, covering issues of culture, diversity, and race. Most recently, she was NPR's international correspondent based in Cairo and . That's his home in Delaware and an office he used at a think tank in Washington, D.C., after he served as vice president. FADEL: Fran, what was the biggest sticking point to securing the deal with the union? And when I said, OK, I can do this thing and I definitely had doubts I still did it. Can you tell me a little bit about it? (August 2019) Leila Fadel (born 1981) is a Lebanese American journalist and the cohost of National Public Radio 's Morning Edition, a role she assumed in 2022. Subscribe to learn and pronounce a new word each day! She also covered the stories of human smugglers in Egypt as well as Syrian families desperate and willing to pay to risk their lives and cross a turbulent ocean for Europe. Raised in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, Fadel speaks Arabic. And for me, that is the best way to get people to listen, to do great work that is not exclusionary, that has this sort of broad sweep. Good morning. I love public media. Among their top priorities are cuts to IRS funding. I think that's one of the most beautiful parts about traveling, is that you realize that yes, while every country can feel so completely different, we really are a lot more similar than we think. Prior to her position as Cairo Bureau Chief for the Post, she covered the Iraq war for nearly five years with Knight Ridder, McClatchy Newspapers, and later the Washington Post. By early 2006, she had completed two postings in Baghdad, Iraq. But, you know, don't be afraid, because those are the moments where you might take the most important leap in your career. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Moreover, she covered the 2014 fall of Mosul to ISIS as well as documentation of the harrowing tales of the Yazidi women who were kidnapped and enslaved by the group. I've wondered if it's like Brett Favre being pronounced "Farve," but it seems like she would have mentioned the correct pronunciation to her colleagues at some point. January 10, 2023 California is in the middle of its fifth major storm since Christmas. MERRICK GARLAND: This appointment underscores for the public the department's commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters, and to making decisions indisputably guided only by the facts and the law. And I had wonderful, amazing mentors through the process that helped me navigate. And this staffing enforcement provides a real pathway to binding arbitration. Good morning, Carrie. Not making the assumption that because it's an official paper from a government authority or a law enforcement authority, it's true. {{app.userTrophy[app.userTrophyNo].hints}}. His job is to find out how classified documents came to be located at President Joe Biden's home in Delaware and at an office tied to. And we were bonded by this experience that when we went home to wherever our families were from, nobody else understood. When it comes to names, youd be amazed how many people just completely and knowingly. The Wagner group, a mercenary force run by a friend of Vladimir Putin, has been fighting to take this area since summer. It was left to reporter Leila Fadel to provide any Israeli perspective and she devoted only 12 seconds of the 6 minute, 12 . Leila joined the NPR team in 2012 serving as an international correspondent based in Egypt. Robert Hur was a top official there in the Trump years. Torrential storms across the state have killed at least 17 people. So that was something that I thought about a lot. This time the special counsel is former prosecutor Robert Hur. Aug 20, 2020 Replying to @LeilaFadel and @NPR I was just listening to ATC and thought "Leila pronouncing her name correctly is a POWER move" 4 But depending on your race, your political ideology, people are deciding to live in specific places. JOHNSON: Merrick Garland said these regulations at the Justice Department called for him to appoint an outsider here because these are extraordinary circumstances. Leila was raised by her parents in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. You'll find out about. And so I think we just have to continue to do the work, and do the work well, and make people feel heard, but also not get into this sort of "bothsiderism" when it comes to truth. So my next question is, through the difficult moments, how did you deal with them? The culture, so different. And so none of that struck me as strange or different. January 12, 2023 New York Republicans call for Rep. George Santos to resign. 'Third' comes from the Old English 'thridda'. After a particularly hard day, we would blast music in the office and dance around. She flew to Minneapolis in the midst of the pandemic as the city erupted in grief and anger over the killing of George Floyd. Keep up. Leila Fadel Image: NPR Faces Of NPR showcases the people behind NPR--from the voices you hear every day on the radio to the ones who work outside of the recording studio. What do you wish you knew? She was born in 1981 in Lebanon and now lives in the United States. FADEL: OK. I'm still digesting it. She is a national correspondent for National Public Radio in Los Angeles, California since July 2017. NPR followed the next day with an amplification of the same anti-Israel narrative, devoting an entire segment to reporter Leila Fadel's interview of BDS activist Jalal Abukhater to discuss demolitions in Silwan. Fadel is a Lebanese-American journalist who speaks conversational Arabic and was raised in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. On the Senate side, the Intelligence Committee says they want a briefing, too, not just about these Biden papers, but also about what the FBI found in its search of former President Donald Trump's home in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. And the staffing enforcement proposal provides a pathway to binding arbitration. It is happening a lot here. How are they reacting to this appointment? In Ukraine, Russia and mercenaries aligned with the Kremlin have made small advances in recent days. Of course we are doing some of that and you can hear it in our stories, our podcasts and our shows. The prospect of that is incredible. The Basics: Name: Leila Fadel And it's expected to last several months, according to the Pentagon. Go to the Intranet, click on the little "link" icon in the top left corner and a dropdown box will appear. She covered the fall of Mosul to ISIS in 2014 and documented the harrowing tales of the Yazidi women who were kidnapped and enslaved by the group. Oh my gosh. Here's what he said. Let me try this thing. Additionally, In 2013, Leilas stories brought us to the heart of a state-ordered massacre of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Cairo. So like you said, it's a real blessing to be able to not only go to these places but bring stories home that really show the broad experience of being human around the world. They're not the heavy main battle tanks Kyiv has been asking for.. His job is to find out how classified documents came to be located at President Joe Biden's home in Delaware and at an office tied to him in Washington. CARTWRIGHT: First of all, I think the truth counts. The food, so different, the political realities and everyday lived experience are completely different. In 2006, she said that her goal is to find the missing voices as she heard on the streets of Beirut and Saudi Arabia which were often missing in American media. I love the purity of it. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed special counsel Robert Hur, who will take charge of an investigation of classified documents found at President Biden's home and private office. How do you feel? An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Listen 4:51 LEILA FADEL, HOST: This shooting in Uvalde, Texas, follows a familiar pattern. Absolutely. Here's A kid's guide to climate change (plus a printable comic). January 12, 2023 Anti-government protests have killed at least 47 people in Peru over the past month. So I have a lot of hope for the future of NPR. The U.S. says it's going to start training Ukrainian soldiers in the United States. Artist Appreciation Post - Islenia Milien. To me, that was a far-fetched dream, not a possibility, and definitely not a reality. I mean, nurses were describing what they said were dangerous conditions, with as many as 15 patients assigned to one nurse. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Please I talked with Oleh Zhdanov, a Ukrainian military expert here. Congrats! I'm excited to try to bring new and different voices to our airwaves every day, so that for me is what I'm looking forward to most. Oops! It seems like every other anchor and reporter pronounces Leila Fadel's last name in a way that rhymes with "waddle," but when she signs off it sounds like it rhymes with "Walden." Her NPR bio page states that she is Lebanese-American, and I've tried to listen closely to see if what I'm hearing can be explained by her last name being pronounced with the accent of a Middle Eastern language, but I can't convince myself that this is it. Leila Fadel Rate the pronunciation difficulty of Leila Fadel 4 /5 (6 votes) Very easy Easy Moderate Difficult Very difficult Pronunciation of Leila Fadel with 4 audio pronunciations 0 rating -2 rating -2 rating -3 rating Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. That can include hits to the economy, elected officials you didn't expect, didn't vote for and don't agree with. . I'd always loved to tell stories, mostly fiction, actually. She told the tales of a coup in Egypt and what it is like for a country to go through a military overthrow of an elected government. Prior to moving to Lebanon, I spent every summer visiting during the civil war since I was an infant. And none of that is true, and nothing can be divorced from the political context of these countries. (Story originally aired on Morning Edition on Nov. 27, 2022.). If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. NADWORNY: Yeah. The White House says Biden isn't sure what's in these papers that his lawyers found, and he didn't know the papers were there. And I think it's really beautiful that throughout the midst of all these difficult moments that you are able to find beauty and love and happiness in it. R. Polk award in 2007. NPR Job Title: Host, Morning Edition & Up First, Where you're from: "Does that answer have to be one place?". "This work is about telling stories that reflect our nation and the world as it is, to have conversations that illuminate and that hold our public officials to . He says he's going to make sure the new prosecutor has all the resources he needs to do this job. The same way you say Sade as Sharday. Checking my assumptions at the door, because we all come with them. Looking for specific interview with a world renowned chef? Tesla CEO Elon Musk goes on trial for a 2018. No doubt you already know Leila's name because she's been at NPR as a correspondent for a decade. FADEL: To understand what this means for the ongoing war in Ukraine, we turn to NPR's Elissa Nadworny, who's in Kyiv. She covers issues of race, culture, and diversity. Her stories brought listeners to the heart of a state-ordered massacre of pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Cairo in 2013 when police shot into crowds of people to clear them and killed between 1,000 and 2,000 people. Previously, Leila worked as NPR's international correspondent based in Cairo. The Western-designed weapons are an upgrade, but they're not the tanks that Ukraine wants. However, information regarding her parents and siblings is not available and we will update you once we have detailed information. And I think that's really beautiful and important for our industry. She'd been a war correspondent in Iraq and now was covering an uprising in Egypt. And at NPR, you can do that audibly. We too often say: FAH-dill (with "FAH". Politics had always been spoken about in my home. I didn't know how to get into the newspapers I read, or on NPR. So, you know, it was really interesting to watch the sea change in other people's countries, and then I came back to the States and I found it wasn't that different than all these countries I covered.
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