GDMFA 2015

Thank you

This project was made possible by the people of Station North Arts & Entertainment District. Sincere thanks goes to all of the interviewees and contributors to Track. Special thanks to Ben Stone for providing direction when Track was just a glimmer of a possibility. Thank you to Seo Kim for working with me to develop an editorial assignment for the Advanced Digital Illustration class, which provided incredible additions to Track. Thank you to my classmates at MICA, my writing teachers, and my thesis advisors for providing instrumental feedback and moral support. My deepest gratitude goes to Will and the rest of my family for their support and faith in me.

Thesis Advisors

Abbott Miller
Jennifer Cole Phillips
Ellen Lupton
Andrew Losowsky

Writing Advisor

David Barringer


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Contributors to Track

Nan Cao
Aimee Chang
Melissa Crowton
Seo Kim
Jia Liu
Vivian Loh
Qieer Wang
Jackie Zhu

Sheila Gaskins

Renee Libby Beck
Silvia Mata-Marin

Amanda Buck
©Amanda Buck 2015


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